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God Moments

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Prayer is not allows about asking or even expressing gratitude all the time, but involves listening...

I've been silent the last couple of weeks so that I can sit at my Father's feet, seek His heart, and take heed to His instruction. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get caught up in the day-to-day, the busyness, social media and all things in between. Friday, the 20th after one week of the powerful #PFYFS challenge, I found myself plopped on my sofa after a long day of work, knee deep in my Word for five hours reading my fave Book "Esther." No matter how often you read the same scripture, chapter, or biblical book, it has a different meaning especially depending on the season God has you in. Bible, journal, and pen in hand ready to talk to God and He lovingly whispered in my spirit, "Just listen." Prayer is not allows about asking or even expressing gratitude all the time, but involves listening...with your heart and the following downloaded into my spirit:

1) I'm in a season of shifting and transition. God has started to expand my territory in all realms especially in business and professionally as He is trusting me with more (confirmed by Pstr Dee Edwards).

2) The distinction between wisdom and understanding (Psalm 3: 13, 16-17, 21)

3) Stop creating the plan and asking God to bless it. Begin with going to God first, surrender to Him, and ALLOW HIM TO CREATE THE PLAN and we follow

4) Reminder that honoring the Lord with my first fruits goes beyond tithes, but in my time, my energy, my health and my body

5) Protect the VISION. At all costs, protect the vision that God has given you

6) Don't be the borrower. Be not only the lender, but the INVESTOR. This refers to debt, finances, etc, of course. Along with that, continue to be an investor in people thru your love, your compassion, and your time.

There's so much more that God has shared and that will come as God instructs me to share. I'm so excited for this season.

Continue to allow God to use you. Be vulnerable and surrender your heart to Him as there is so much God wants to share with you. Remember it is not only about us, but about the people God has called us to serve.

*What is God sharing with you in this season?*

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