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This faith-based true story describes the awe-inspiring and empowering journey of one single mother as she ventured through parenthood while finding her identity in Christ. Dr. Serano shares her heart as she invites her readers to explore how God sees them through His eyes as daughters of the King. Co-Parenting with Christ is meant for the single mom who works in corporate America, the mom who receives public assistance, the mom who wonders how she is going to pay the overdue utility bill, the one who has no support system, or the entrepreneur. Whether you entered the world of single motherhood through divorce, death of the child's father, adoption, or as a never married woman, CoParenting with Christ is for the mom looking for strategies on how to develop harmony in all areas of life through 9 steps: developing identity in Christ; purpose-finding; perseverance; parenting; parent identity; mindset; dating and courtship; hearing the voice of God; and seeking clarity. This book speaks to the spiritual and emotional season you are in and helps you to navigate through it.

Coparenting with Christ: 9 Steps to Achieving Harmony

  • This product consists of ten chapters with 236 pages and a reference section included. 

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